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Edit Word document, page break not showing in Java


I’ve notice in your example project GroupDocs.Editor-for-Java-Spring that there is no page breaking (pages are merged without ‘separator’ between). Is there any reason that pages are not spaced since in GroupDocs.Viewer-for-Java-Spring pages are properly separated? Even when .docx is converted in html, through Editor, I can’t distinguish page beginning and ending, since generated html contains only one big div element. Is this maybe happening due to trial version or do you have any suggestion how to resolve this issue?

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Thank you for your inquiry. We are investigating this behavior and it has been logged on GitHub. Please follow this link to get more updates. As there is any progress, we’ll notify you here as well.


I’m sorry for bothering but could you tell me if there is any info about this issue?


This ticket is still under investigation. But we’ll notify you as there’s any update.