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Edit Word Processing document using Java


I’m currently evaluating GroupDocs.Editor module for integration with our project and I came to this issue with corrupted document. I have downloaded your example from github ( and when I call saveToWordsDocument method this exception accasionally happens (like every 3th, 4th time) for the same document (source.docx from github example):

class Input WordProcessing document is corrupted

on this line
InputHtmlDocument htmlDoc = EditorHandler.toHtml(inputStream);

My environment: Windows 10 64 bit, Eclipse Oxygen, Java 1.8_241

Could you please help me with resolving this exception since it’s blocker for us. I even succeed to reproduce it when it’s integrated with our project. It works only few times then suddenly throws exception couple of times and then again works two, three times, and so on (for the same document).

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We’re not able to reproduce this issue at our end. Please have a look at this video. Can you please share a screencast of this issue using our console application and also share JRE and JDK versions installed on your machine.

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I’m using java 1.8_161 but also tried with jar execution and java 1.8_241 and symptoms are the same. Here is my screencast.


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We have logged this issue in our internal issue tracking system with ID EDITORJAVA-235. After further investigation we’ll notify you about the outcomes.