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Email message redaction is not supported in .NET

I noticed that redacting a email message is not supported, is that any plans to support it?

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Yes, email message redaction is not supported yet. However, we have logged a ticket in our internal issue tracking system with ID REDACTIONNET-311 for further investigation. You’ll be notified in case of any progress.


Right now, we do not provide features to open a mailbox or a message file, navigate its contents, search for messages, access and manipulate their properties. For these purposes you may consider Aspose.Email (from our sister company), for instance.
But if you have an API access to the Email message and needs to redact its body, subject or its attachments, it will be done through GroupDocs.Redaction API. You can use streams to pass subject, body etc. to GroupDocs.Redaction and get redacted texts.

Following articles demonstrate how to enable plain text (subject, plain text bodied email) redactions in GroupDocs.Redaction:

Please let us know if this will work for you.