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Embadding Question in wordpress

I have Wordpress version: 3.8.3
I want to Embad GroupDocs in wordpress. I have created trial account in GroupDocs also installed GroupDocs plugin in wordpress, and configured accourdingly. the issue i faced that i could not find any GroupDoc icon in wordpress Posts page either in the Instruction guaid


Managing Account Settings for Embedding Documents

4. Now go to Posts> Add New, and then click (GroupDocs.Signature icon).

Result: The Client ID, Private Key details along with your GroupDocs dashboard files are displayed.

But i didnt find any icon in Wordpress Posts.

Thanks in Advance

Hello Talha,

We are sorry to hear that you have such issue. We investigated the issue and found that all work well for us. We tested GroupDocs.Signature plugin 1.2.4 version with WordPress 3.9.1. Please double check that you use latest version of the plugin, latest one is 1.2.4. Plugin icon should be on the editor panel like on this screenshot -

If you use latest version of the plugin please check your browser console for the error message.

Please notify us if you will have more issue.


Hi, there

I have resolved the tiny mceissue which i found,
I have used your application completely, its quiet Brilliant app.

Currently the Wordpress Plugin works like this:

-Takes us First Name, Last Name, and lets us Upload the File

-Once the above data is inputted, it is emailed to that person

-Once the email is received by that person, he can Sign that document (only 1 Sign can be done) – not like in the groupdocs web app there multiple users can sign the document.

-Location of signature comes on left bottom side of document and becomes problem (it is not move-able) to move this sign to proper location. like in groupdocs web app we can set the signature templete.

Hence this is limited, so we need to customize it thoroughly but do-able. Here’s the plan below:

–Multiple users can sign single document though wordpress plugin.

– Location of the signature can be fixed by the Admin of the plugin.

– want some API information data of that docment like i want to show the status of document whether it is signed or not… or the status of the document, or some thing more.

– i want to save the signed or unsigned document in my database… so that any user or admin can download this document.





Thanks for the great responce, Yes there is an issue in the editor, my tinymce are not displaying so im trying to resolve this.
sir i want to use this plugin in my project of construction company so i want to use this in my own created plugin of Project management system. so therefore to understand and continue with your system can you provide me a screen cast for the complete process of the groupdocs app in wordpress, so that it may be easy for me…
So after that i’ll go to implement your app in my own plugin, in which there is the subcontractor system, and each subcontractor must have to sign the agreement.
So for the furthur i also need your help in feature as to implement this app


Hello Talha,

Thank you for coming back. To help you with your questions we can advice you to investigate our Envelop live sample and its documentation -

Please note that to be able to use GroupDocs.Signature for Cloud API you need GroupDocs PHP SDK. This SDK is included in our WP plugin, but it's better if you download its latest version here - or from Composer.

Please investigate the sample we provided and other our Signature samples, and notify us if you will have any additional questions.


Thank you,

that is really owsome solution you have provided.
will be try to implement this asap.