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Embedding Question in Joomla


Why do I have to fill-in a username and email address when I embed a document into Joomla? … I need the end-users to be able to fill in their own information when they load the page.

Also, will PDF forms work?



Thank you for request. From your request we assume that you use GroupDocs Assembly plugin for Joomla.

In the GroupDocs plugins we use user credentials for the authentification in GroupDocs, so you should enter your GroupDocs credentials in auth form to be able to work with GroupDocs API.

As for your use case If we understand you correctly, you want to embed some PDF form in to the page that other users can fill out this form with their data. When you embed your form other users will see it and they do not need to enter their email or user name, they will see your embedded form and they will be able to fill it out.

About PDF forms – yes they are supported by the GroupDocs Assembly plugin.

Please investigate documentation for the GroupDocs Assembly plugin for Joomla here -

Also please check documentation for GroupDocs.Assembly Cloud API for additional info -

If you have any additional questions please feel free to get back in touch.Best regards


Here’s what I want to do …

Create a form and embed that form into a website, then direct people to that page and have them enter their own information, then allow them to sign the form.

I do not want to email the form to anyone.

I do not see any examples or instructions regarding this type of process. I looks as though you have to email everyone to sign forms.

Brian U.


Hello Brian,

Thank you for details. Since users should sign your form you should use our Signature plugin for Joomla. Please check it here -

When you prepare your form and publish it via plugin for filling and signing you will not need to email it to users, they will see it on your page and they will be able to fill and sign it. Also you will get email notification (it can be disabled) when someone sign your form.

Also If you have any additional questions please feel free to get back in touch.