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Embedding Zipped file in PDF

Hi Support

  1. is there any code and api to embed a Zip file in a pdf document
  2. is this possible to hide the embedded zip file
  3. Can we add custom properties to pdf document
  4. How to retrieve back the embed file from the document.
    I am looking for any version either .net or java for above.

Appreciate your help on this




GroupDocs.Metadata API provides the feature of adding custom properties to the PDF documents (requirement #3). For details, please visit this documentation article.

For the rest of your requirements, I would suggest you to use Aspose.PDF which is offered by our sister company Aspose. This API allows adding/retrieving attachments to/from PDF documents. Fortunately, Aspose.PDF also allows working with the custom properties in PDF documents (see this), so this can be an all-in-one solution for your requirements.