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EnablePreciseRendering tradeoffs?

I noticed the option for EnablePreciseRendering in .NET viewer. If this enables a more accurate representation of the PDF, why would it not be not enabled by default? What are the tradeoff’s using this and what exactly makes this a better respresentation?

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Some of the PDF documents may contain glyphs or complex content with multi layered structure and when rendering such documents into HTML, glyphs and characters are grouped into words and string (as shown in this screenshot). It is required to place them separate to each other, otherwise this sometimes may produce undesirable results. EnablePreciseRendering is used in such cases.

As precise rendering mode is required in some particular cases and not for all the PDF documents therefore, it is useless to enable it by default or for each document because it impacts the performance. Hence, it is provided as optional and is disabled by default to improve the performance.

In case, you would have any other questions or queries, please do let us know.

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