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Endless loading when file is password protected



when I try to view a password protected Word document, the viewer displays endless ‘Loading your content’ message instead of a warning saying that file cannot be displayed.

The same happens when I try to view the attached CAD file. It suppose to work, but I get just the endless loading message.

Thanks in advance for your help,

Hello Mariusz,

Sorry to see you are facing this problem. We tried files that you provided. When opening the password protected Microsoft Word document the application throws the exception:
com.aspose.words.IncorrectPasswordException: The document password is incorrect.
but it’s not translated to the UI.

The DXF file indeed is not opened.

We will report these bugs to our developers, hope they will be fixed in the new release. Sorry for the inconvenience, please, stay tuned.

As a temporary solution for the IncorrectPasswordException you can catch it in the “document-viewer/ViewDocumentHandler” request handler and return more appropriate error message then “-1”, i.e.
{"success":false, "Reason":"The document is password protected"}


OK, thank you. Anyway, all unsupported files should be handled in the same way. Right now that there is some response from the server success: false, response: null, but UI still shows the Loading content message. An appropriate warning should be displayed instead.



Strange, but when I tested after the “loading” message disappeared right before the error message. Anyway, these issues will be handled by our developers. We’ll add some more convenient way of the error handling. Sorry for the inconvenience.


I’m attaching a screenshot of that issue with the HTTP response. As you can see Loading content message is still displayed. (It suppose to work anyway as the file is DXF that is supported according to your docs;)

You are right. First I was checking in the GroupDocs.Viewer – there the popup appeared. Now checked in the GroupDocs.Annotation – the situation is exactly as you described. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Anyway, this issue is reported to our developers. When the fix will be available you’ll get a notification.