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Envelope Template

I think I should be able to put a document in an envelope template.

My situation: I have a template that is used to create a document. I put that document in envelope and add a signature envelope recipient. Now I have to add fields to that envelope before I can send.

I would like to be able to put document in a ready made envelope. The field I add to my envelope are the same. The only difference is the document I put in the envelop and the signer is different.

1) My document changes everytime
2) My signer changes everytime
3) My envelope fields stay the same everytime.

Current Workflow

Create an envelope from a document. Add signer and add recipient fields.

I would like to

Create an envelope from template. Add document and modify recipient. - I would like all the fields in the template to move into the new envelope.

Any thoughts or suggestions?



Thank you for your request. To achieve your goal you should follow this workflow:
1. Store fields data (settings, number of such fields etc.) in the DB.
2. Create envelop with new document and collaborator.
3. Get fields from the DB.
4. Add fields to the envelop.

Also from your request is not clear which platform you use - since that please provide more info about your project that I can share more detailed guide.

Thank you.


I have a template for a document. I have fields in that template that get changed every time the document is sent out. The document is then put into an envelope. The envelope fields never change. They are the same for every signer. I would like to accomplish all this through the api with templates I have already have in storage.

Template A -> Document A -> Envelope Template A-> Send to Signer A

Template A -> Document B -> Envelope Template A-> Send to Signer B