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Epub split results in Specified file is corrupted


I tried groupDocs.merger to split files. I tried about 3 epub sample files which results in “Specified file is corrupted”.

code snippet:



                var source3 = @"/localMachine/…./test2.epub";

                var destination = @"/localmachine/..../split.epub";

                SplitOptions splitOptions = new SplitOptions(destination, new int[] { 3, 6, 9 }, SplitMode.Interval);

                var merge = new Merger(source3);


                return "Hello";
            catch(Exception ex)
                throw new Exception("Failed to split books");

error screen shot:
errorShot.jpg (108.5 KB)

epub file:

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We cannot reproduce this issue at our end using latest API version (21.1).

Splitting EPUB using C#

We tried the code you shared earlier and successfully splitted the EPUB. Please have a look at these source and output files. Could you please tell the API version that you are using in the application (e.g. 22.1, 20.10)?


I’m using visual studio for mac, dotnet 3.1, nuget Groupdocs.merger 21.2.0.

Does license needed to be purchased mandatorily to perform splitting of book?

nuget.jpg (69.9 KB)


There are some trial limitations. But you can avail a free temporary license (that is actually a time restricted full license) here in purchase wizard or follow these steps to get the temporary license.
Could you please share the console application? We’ll further look into this issue.