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Error: A mandatory parameter is not found


File example sent via email.


Hello Alexis,

We are sorry to hear that you have this issue. Can you please tell us:
1. Are you able to reproduce this issue with another files of another formats?
2. We’ve found out that the “InspireDesigner.pdf” file has security block and is password-protected from editing. Can you please unlock this file and try it one more time? It is really big, we’ve tried to remove some last pages for decreasing its size and increasing speed, but without luck - PDF is protected from editing.
3. Please provide us a source code of the GroupDocs.Viewer widget with parameters - maybe, there is some combination of them, which leads to the reported error.
4. Can you give us a stack trace of the exception? It should be present on the “Error” screen below the “Source Error” label.

Thanks and waiting for your reply.