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Error event not raised when server unavailable



We are using a custom error display by subscribing to the 'error.groupdocs' event. During testing, we've found that the event isn't raised if the server is unavailable.

E.g. the document is initially loaded OK, but then the server goes offline, then either a new document is attempted to load (using loadDocument method), or the user scrolls to a new page that isn't preloaded on the client. In this case, the "Loading your content" message appears and doesn't go away, and the 'error' event is not raised.

If think the problem is because of this line in the _errorHandler function in groupdocsviewer.all.min.js:

if (b.xmlHttpRequest.readyState == 0) return;

The readyState will be 0 if the request couldn't be sent because the server is offline. In Chrome there will be a line in the console: 'net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED'



Hello Phil,

We are sorry to hear that you have this issue. Our developers already working on this issue, but they need to know, which rendering mode you are using: image-based or HTML-based? In other words, have you using a “.UseHtmlBasedEngine(true)” method?

Thanks and waiting for your reply.


We are using HTML-based rendering


Hello Phil,

Thank you for clarification. Our developers have defined this behaviour as a bug and already started to work on it. We will notify you in this forum thread when it will be fixed.