Error in Async API in PROD


We are getting error while trying to call Get File in storageAPI

public FileStream GetFile (String userId, String fileId) throws ApiException {
// verify required params are set
if(userId == null || fileId == null ) {
throw new ApiException(400, “missing required params”);

This is because in the below newguid and name is coming as null from jobDocumentsResponse and we are passing these parameters in GetFile method. Can somebody please check. Same issue is coming in PROD as well

We did not make any changes in our code and it was working on tuesday.

GetJobDocumentsResponse jobDocumentsResponse = getMergePDFConversionComplete(jobId);
String newguid = jobDocumentsResponse.getResult()
String name = jobDocumentsResponse.getResult()


Hi - this is affecting us in our PROD environment, please advise. Thanks.


Hi @sunil.paul We are sorry to hear that you have such issue. Could you please share with us version of the API and platform that you use.

Thank you.


The issue is because the Group docs merge is taking approx 2.5 minutes (used to merge in seconds before) to merge even a small document. We are using groupdocs-java-client-2.5.1 . Since groupdocs is not merging the document within our configured retry counts, the fileId in the above code is null and this caused the problem. Our UI is getting timed out because of this. Can you please check what is the reason for the sudden degradation of the Services?


Hi @sunil.paul Thank you for this info. I will check it and return to you with the details.

Best regards.


Hi @sunil.paul Sorry but one more question: which App you use , or ?

Best regards.


we are using


Hi @sunil.paul Thank you, will check.

Best regards.


Please consider it very urgent as it is blocking our PROD env


Hi @pavelteplitsky, let us know if there’s anything else we can provide to help facilitate this. This is a blocker for a very mission-critical part of our application.


Hi @pavelteplitsky - it looks like the processing time is back down to the regular times we expect. Did you change or fix something on your side?


Hi @jwlr I’m glad to hear that all work well for you. We checked our server and found no issues. I will keep you updated if we will found any issues.

Best regards.