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Error in loading ppt



I have a couple of doubts

1. Can I use group docs to view files for a mobile app, because when we open the file it is not mobile optimised, the screen sizes and all that stuff. Ours is a hybrid app, and we tried with andriod device, and the web view is opening to view the files, Is it possible to open a mobile view??

2. Doc docx - working fine

3. xls and xlsx files with images, images are not loaded.

4. Im trying to open a ppt file using the Index servlet sample from github, Im getting the below error

{“success”:false, “Reason”:“Specified argument was out of the range of valid values. Parameter name: Parameter name: index”}

Kindly help on this.


Hello Reejmca,

I’ll try to help you dispel you doubts with next answers.

1. Replied in the separate thread -

For 3-4, please provide files you are trying to open. We need to investigate them to help you with issues you encounter.



Thanks for the reply. I have attached the files I’ve tried to open, and the screenshot of the loaded files and the servlet. Kindly advice.



Hi Reej, thank for provided files.

We’ve checked them, indeed there are problems displaying images in xls and rendering pptx. Your files were passed to developers, they are investigating this problem. We will notify you when it will be fixed. Please, stay tuned.