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Error occured while signing your envelope


We are getting a error response like Error occured while signing your envelope. The error is logged and administrators are informed. while siging the document.

Please check this and get back…


I am getting this error also . My callback is getting hit as if the signing was successful. I can not retrieve document. This is very discouraging. Please fix this ASAP. I can not use this service if I can not get the document after it is signed.

I got this error stating not all recipients have signed the document. This is not true.


We are sorry to hear that you have such issue. We have checked all your failed envelops and found out that they are failed because of the svg image in the document - since that could you please try to remove the image and try again.

Thank you.

Why did the platform start to fail all of a sudden? I am not inserting any svg images into the document they are templates that I uploaded and have been using for months without issue. What svg are you talking about? Can you just program the platform to strip svgs from the document if they are causing issues like this?

Again the document is just a pdf that I uploaded, what can I do to fix this issue? Do I have to remake the pdf?


Thank you for this information. Sure, We will resolve this issue ASAP.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

We are experiencing similar issues. We are started getting these same errors this week saying that “an error occurred” and it does not give us further detail.

Because this error is occuring, the documents are:
a) not being signed
b) not coming back into our CRM

We can not continue using the service if this can not be resolved.

What is the expected date of resolution?

I forgot to provide detail in our last ticket. You can look in our account as needed.
Please review attached Screencast image:

It is also throwing a strange message that we have never seen before, when we try to sign that says: "The envelope contains 1 more unopened document(s). Are you sure you want to proceed with the signing?"

After we say "Yes" it goes to a new screen that is blank, and does *not* allow the signer to proceed, thus the e-sign document does NOT SIGN/gets stuck.


We are sorry to hear that you faced with this issue. Our Product team already work on resolving it and it will be resolved soon. Please stay tuned and we will notify you when it will be resolved.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


We are waiting the solution on this. What is the status of this issue?


We are sorry for a delay with fixing the issue.

Our Product team still works on it, when the issue will be resolved you will be notified.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


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Our client started escalating regarding this issue and we are in a critical situation. Our plan is ‘Startup Basic’ and for the last one month we were facing this issue and our client asked us to withheld the payment as they cannot run their business because of this issue and they cannot confirm the digital signature. Please let me know how we can proceed and what is the ETA for this resolution. If you are not able to fix this asap, please discontinue automatic recurrent payment linked to my account or let me know how can we make it our-self deactivate until the issue has been fixed.



Sorry for the delay. The issue is solved, please try again.

Best regards.