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Error rendering PDF in Java viewer 3.0.0

Hi I am working on incorporating the new version 3.0.0 into our document system and have discovered that both the image production and html production from PDF’s is sometimes incorrect.

I have included an attached zip file that contains a sample pdf and the generated png files that show the errors. Of particular problem is page 2, as we do a lot of business with the company that generated it.

The application is running on glassfish 4.1 under java 8 on Linux.


Cayle Graumann
Hi Cayle,

Thanks for showing your interest in our product.

We apologies that you faced this issue, moreover we are able to reproduce the issue at our end as well. Please wait for the new release of GroupDocs.Viewer for Java 3.2.0. We have fixed this issue in the upcoming release.
Once it is on board, we will inform you.


I have updated the library to 3.2.0 and am still seeing problems, particularly with words and letters missing on the PNG output. I lean towards it being a font conversion problem. Is it possible to set which font should be used as a substitute if a pdf uses a font that is not on the server?


Hi Cayle,

We are not able to reproduce PDF to IMAGE rendering issue.
The document you provided is properly rendering in to the images, please find the attached Images rendered from the provided document.

As far as PDF to HTML rendering issue is concerned, we have logged your issue in our internal issue tracking system.
As we get any update from the product team, we will update you.

Best wishes