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Error Signing Document



We’re getting an error when attempting to sign a document that has been sent via email with a link. See screenshot. Are there any issues that we need to be aware of or make changes on our end?



We are sorry to hear that you have such issue. We have checked our Signature App and Api and all works well for us. To be able to reproduce the issue could you please share with us envelop ID that we can check it.

Thank you.



Please take a look at these two envelop IDs:





Thank you for the envelop IDs. We have checked these IDs and found out that you tried to sign the envelop in same time when we where rolling out the new version of the cloud Apps at 16th of April.

Also we have fixed minor bug, please try to sign your envelop again and notify us with the results.

Thank you.



We get several dialog boxes when attempting to sign. See attached screenshots. We are signing through the api configuration.
They originate from your site such as: the page at says


Could you please share with us, your code example where you try to sign the envelope , because we checked our API and it works well for us. Also will be useful if you share with us the envelope ID, that we can check it.

Please come back to us with the details and we will be glad to help you.

Best regards
Evgen Efimov
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The envelope is 7add3a7d9b7bb395eae80373a61de4f1

Don’t have the code handy, I’ll ask the developer.

However, we have not changed any thing, in fact, we had this problem before and it was corrected on your end.

What happens is when we click the signature link from the email we immediately get the dialog boxes I indicated. We can’t sign until we click those away.



We have fixed the issue , please try again and notify us.

Thank you.



Yes, it’s all working now. Thanks