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Error Syncing Document with amazon s3


I have add some document with amazon s3 and sync with groupdocs, its Sync the document.

during syncing file extension has change with .doc. I have uploaded .txt, .png and .jpg file but file has been converted to .doc format, at the time of fetching file response message returns:

“An exception of type ‘Groupdocs.Sdk.GroupdocsServiceException’ occurred in Groupdocs.Sdk.dll but was not handled in user code
Additional information: The document is not found.”.

can u please suggest how to resolved this?


@Shyam_Sunder Thank you for your request. Could you please share with us examples of your files and step by step guide of what you’ve done to reproduce the issue.

Also screenshots will be helpful.

Thank you.


Thanks for your valuable response.

I have follow given link step also Checked Synchronize Content and Synchronize Metadata

Screen Shot: Screenshot_6.png contains the details with file.

all files are in different format like .png, .jpg, .txt on amazon s3 server(confirmed with amazon folder).

  1. 9095a60c-89bf-470d-b029-707d73d4192a (.png)
  2. 578c3a4d-9eee-4995-85ab-2bce277e0ab6 (.jpg)
  3. d7b87d67-8dec-4e91-bfb1-fb13ff7d89a5 (.txt)

but in Groupdocs files displayed in .doc format. so it says “The document is not found”.

I have few point:

  1. How do I get synced file using API because in groupdocs Name of the synced doc (from amazon s3) is “578c3a4d-9eee-4995-85ab-2bce277e0ab6” (same name stored in our database to get file detail) and GUID of the doc = “129dcbb0afbf9818ab08797c53ad2bc14c44b4e9304b68ae57a2b5ce082e16d0” (as per groupdocs).
    so how do I get GUID of the document synced with groupdocs because I have only file id which is stored in amazon s3.

  2. I want to load document from amazon s3 on the request basis. Only those files will be synced with groupdocs which is requested by user and provide the URL to iframe to display.

Screenshot_6.png (69.3 KB)
Screenshot_8.png (66.8 KB)


@Shyam_Sunder Thank you for providing this info. I will reply on your questions in the same order that you asked them.

  1. I’ve tested those operations from UI and the synced file from external storage has the same name in the GroupDocs storage - We have created a bug ticket for the issue that you have and when it will be fixed you will be notified here.

  2. Only the folders that are previewed are synced with GroupDocs storage - that means when you will view any file from specific folder the whole folder will be synced.

Summing up the aforesaid - when the issue with file names will be fixed you will be able to get file GUID via this call service.GetFileSystemEntities(path, extended: true) - will load the folder from external storage and will do the sync also because of the parameter extended: true

Best regards.

Hi @pavelteplitsky

Thanks for your valuable response.

"service.GetFileSystemEntities(path, extended: true) " In Given code path will be the “FileName” of “FolderName/FileName”,

In my case we don’t have any folder created in amazon s3 server, all files in main folder. It means that it will sync all the document residing in main folder.

Note: I want a particular file will sync on request basis (only those file sync which is requested by the user), Similar to that we don’t want to create any folder on to groupdocs all files resides in main folder.


Hi @Shyam_Sunder Thank you for clarification. In your case you should use the “FileName”.

Unfortunately such feature (sync specific document) doesn’t supported currently, I will discuss it with our Product team and if it will be possible we will add it to our road map.

Sorry for the inconvenience.