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Error when openin annotation



I’m getting an error when i try to open annotation but its not occurs every time. When it occured, i restart IIS and it works properly again, after a while restarting IIS it starts to give same error. What do you think what can cause it?

I’m sending error as attachment.

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We are sorry to hear that you have such issue. To be able to reproduce the issue and help you to resolve it we will need more info. Since that please share with us next:
1. Type of the ptoject - MVC, Web Froms etc.
2. Code examples of the Annotation - initialization and widget code
3. Web.config

As for the error that you shared - looks like you doesn’t initialized the Annotation or initialized it in the wrong way.

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Hello sorry for the late response. I think we found the problem. I think it occurs because we didnt put license activation method and initialization method in the application start method. Now we changed it and we are testing it. If it not solve the problem, i will let you know



Glad to hear that you have found out the reason. Yes, these two options should be set in the Application_Start action.

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