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Error while converting to png

Hi guys,
I encounter a weird error which occurs more and more when I convert a jpg to a png.
Here’s the file: Screenshot 2022-03-31 123658.jpg (89.9 KB)
Here’s the Java’s stacktrace:

class com.groupdocs.conversion.internal.c.a.ms.System.ArgumentException: An element with the same key already exists in the dictionary.
com.groupdocs.conversion.internal.c.a.ms.System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary.addItem(Unknown Source)
com.groupdocs.conversion.converting.PossibleConversionsProvider.init(Unknown Source)
com.groupdocs.conversion.converting.PossibleConversionsProvider.initStatic(Unknown Source)
com.groupdocs.conversion.Converter.init(Unknown Source)
com.groupdocs.conversion.Converter.(Unknown Source)
com.groupdocs.conversion.Converter.(Unknown Source)

Can you please help?
My env: Ubuntu 20, Java OpenJDK 11, GroupDocs.Conversion 21.10.1.

Note: I think this happens when you try to convert the same file one after another (like running a for loop that converts the same file over and over again…). Hope this helps.
My conversion code is identical to your example code, standard code.

Thank you


We are investigating this scenario. You’ll be notified in case of any update or if any further details are required from you.