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Error while trying to open *.doc file



I’m using your Viewer and it works great, but recently I found a *.doc file which cannot be opened, Viewer shows error "Failed to save document as PDF."
I add this file as attachment, it’s extremely simple document, so it would be great if You could look at it.


Hi There,

Thank you for raising the issue.

Actually various versions of GroupDocsViewer are being used around the globe. The latest version is GroupDocs.Viewer 3.0.0.

From your post, it is unable to extract that what version of GroupDocs.Viewer is generating issue for you.However, Kindly provide the GroupDocs.Viewer version which is being used by you.

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.


The issues you have found earlier (filed as WEB-2445) have been fixed in this update.

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I’m using Groupdocs Viewer 2.19 for .NET



Thank you for the information. I have checked your document and was able to reproduce the same issue. Since we have released a new Viewer first of all I can suggest you to migrate to the new Viewer, the library, documentation and examples you can find here . If you can’t migrate for various reasons could you please share with us your license type (if you have license and you agree with the new support policies I will be able to rise the issue for our Product team) and investigate our new support policies .

Best regards.



I have a similar issue with .doc file. We use 2.19 version of GroupViewer (.net) and cannot actually migrate to the newest 3.0.0 (we cannot migrate because you completely changed the way it looked like when we were about buying your software. This issue is a subject of another thread).

So it looks like we are stuck in the middle…

Here you have a bad .doc file example:



Hi Piotr,

I’m sorry to hear that you have such issue. In case that you can’t migrate and you doesn’t have a license (you use trial version of the Viewer) the only way to resolve the issue is to re-save it as docx, then the docx document rendered well.

Best regards.


Hi Pavel,

We have purchased (3 months since now) a valid license for viewer (should be attached to my account).

We have investigated this issue and found same workaround but this is not a solution for our customers.



Hi again,

Thank you for this information. I have created a ticket for the issue and our Product team will check it. When I will have any news for you - I will notify you here.

Best regards.