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Error while trying to visualize a document when it is being cached



Exists the possibility to add a user friendly message notifiying that the document is being cached?

I have attached the actual error message, thank you.


Hello Alexis,

1. In the “Groupdocs.Web.UI.Viewer” class there is a “ShowExceptionDetailsOnClient” static method. When invoking it as the “Viewer.ShowExceptionDetailsOnClient(false)”, the exception details will be hidden on the browser, and end-user will see the user-friendly message without technical details.

2. The exception message, which is shown on the screenshot, is very strange, in particular, its path. “C:\Windows\SysWOW64”? Are you sure that the root storage path was specified correctly? Maybe this is the reason of the exception? From the “DirectoryNotFoundException” it seems that the path is invalid.



Hi Denis,

1. Is there any log on server side?
2. The path appears to be ok. we test it in one client machine and the documents are displayed ok, but in other client machine, it doesn’t.

We appreciate any help.



Still exists the method ShowExceptionDetailsOnClient in the GroupDocsViewer version?



Hello Juan,

1. About the log - GroupDocs.Viewer contains own logging system, but it is disabled by default. For enabling it please use a static method “Groupdocs.Web.UI.Viewer.SetLogFilePath”, which obtains a single string parameter - a path to the log text file, which should be created and used.
2. About the main problem - let’s discuss it in another forum thread, this in particular: ‘Could not find a part of the path’ error message. I’ll post the answer now.



Hello Alexis,

Thank you for the question. First of all please check our latest version of the Viewer.

As for this option - yes, this option is available

Best regards.


Hi Denis,

The title of the thread it’s not accurated but the errors reported are related. And it’s posted in priority.

Can you start the other thread?



Hello Juan,

I've answered here.