Esign signature quality issue


Dear support team i am having issue while evaluating the signature product family the quality of image on documents after signing the document is very low. is there any way to improve that.



Thank you for your inquiry. In order to investigate the issues, we need following details form you:

  1. GroupDocs.Signature platform (.NET, Java or Cloud)
  2. Version of the API
  3. Share the problematic files

Please specify the details and we will be glad to help you.


We are using .net platform for groupdocs.signature
we have downloaded latest version a week ago
my problem is the signature quality
image.jpg (11.4 KB)
Screenshot from 2018-02-26 17:39:46.png (14.7 KB)



We have signed PDF document with image (attached) and unable to reproduce this issue at our end, signed document is attached as well. In order to further investigate the issue, can you please share code and the image that you are using to sign the documents? We’ll appreciate your cooperation in this regard.

sign.PNG (14.5 KB)
Signed Document.pdf (273.8 KB)


string storagePath = rootPath;
string outputPath = Path.Combine(rootPath, @“Output”);
string imagesPath = Path.Combine(rootPath, @“Images”);

        // set up a configuration
        SignatureConfig config = new SignatureConfig()
            StoragePath = storagePath,
            OutputPath = outputPath,
            ImagesPath = imagesPath

        // instantiating the handler
        SignatureHandler handler = new SignatureHandler(config);

        // Set a license if you have one

        // setup PDF image signature options
        SignImageOptions signOptions = null;
        string fileNameExtension = Path.GetExtension(fileName).TrimStart('.');
        fileNameExtension = fileNameExtension.ToLower();
        int pageWidth = 0, pageHeight = 0;
        DocumentViewType fileType = GetDocumentType(fileNameExtension);
        switch (fileType)
            case DocumentViewType.Pdf:
                signOptions = new PdfSignImageOptions(imageStream);

            case DocumentViewType.Words:
                signOptions = new WordsSignImageOptions(imageStream);

            case DocumentViewType.Cells:
                signOptions = new CellsSignImageOptions(imageStream)
                    ColumnNumber = signatureColumnNum,
                    RowNumber = signatureRowNum

            case DocumentViewType.Slides:
                signOptions = new SlidesSignImageOptions(imageStream);
        signOptions.DocumentPageNumber = pageNumber;
        signOptions.Left = left;
        signOptions.Top = top;
        signOptions.Width = width;
        signOptions.Height = height;
        signOptions.SignAllPages = false;

        GroupDocs.Signature.Options.SaveOptions saveOptions = new GroupDocs.Signature.Options.SaveOptions(OutputType.String);
        // sign the document
        string outputFilePath = handler.Sign<string>(fileName, signOptions, saveOptions);
        return outputFilePath;



Thank you for providing us code. But we are not clear with the values of few properties (like height and width) you are passing through variables in your provided code. Also, you have not shared the image you are using to sign the documents. We would recommend you to provide us a image file and a sample application (can be a simple console application) that can be used as a reference to reproduce the issue at our end.