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eSigning API for .Net Core

Currently, we are very pleased with the proof of concept that we have been developing with the “Groupdocs total .net” but we are facing a compatibility problem with “.net core”.

Our need is to integrate the “.net” Developer OEM license on our product that is based on “.net core Web API”.
Now we are experiencing an error on the “.net core” side but we realize that your libraries have compatibility issues with “.net Core”.
So we would like to know what you have as a solution to this issue that is so important for our project

Best Regards
Diogo Espírito Santo


Good to know that.

We are investigating this at our end. Your investigation ticket ID is SIGNATURENET-1974. As we have any further update, we’ll notify you.


GroupDocs.Signature for .NET supports .NET Core 2.0. Please have a look.