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Excel comparison returns blank output in .NET

I am creating comparison application in .NET. I have downloaded GroupDocs.Comparison V 18.9. Word comparison working fine but when it is generating blank result file for excel comparison. I am using your xlsx files provided in example code. I am expecting compared result at least for the files you provided.

Do i need to handle xlsx differently?

Please note i am working on trial version and if word and excel comparison works fine then only we will be able to buy your product.

Quick response is highly appreciated. This will help in quick decision making.


Thanks for taking interest in GroupDocs.Comparison for .NET and posting your concerns.

Can you please share the output of both word and excel comparison?

Please see API evaluation trial limits here. In order to get right output results and avail all API features/functionalities, we’d recommend you to request a temporary license here. This temporary license is a time-restricted full license and it allows you to test every aspect of a API before buying it.
You can follow this document in order to request the license - (152.9 KB)

We get this output when we compare excel documents in trial mode - (8.1 KB)
When we appliy license - license (12.0 KB)