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Excel inline tables not working

When I wanted a little table inline, it keeps complaining it can’t be used in Excel.

So I had to concat it into 1 cell, but thjis makes it very ugly, because now I have to add characters that sometimes not exists.

this is the solution for now
image.png (54.5 KB)

this is what comes out
image.png (36.6 KB)

but what i want to have is a small table with 3 columns…
with each combination in a new Row

Can this feature be added?


Could you please share the template and data source files? Also share the sample code and the API version that you are evaluating.

We are working with version: 22.2

Attached the Excel and Json in the zip Template_Groupdocs.zip (226.0 KB)

var dataSourceInfos = new List();
if (partialTemplates.HasValue)
var dataSource = new DataSourceInfo(partialTemplates.Value.Value, partialTemplates.Value.Key);

            AddDataSources(dataSourceDefinitions, dataSourceStreams, dataSourceInfos);

            FileFormat groupDocsFileFormat = ConvertFileFormat(outputFileFormat);

            using (var templateStream = new MemoryStream(template))
                using (var outputStream = new MemoryStream())
                    var assembler = new DocumentAssembler
                        Options = DocumentAssemblyOptions.AllowMissingMembers | DocumentAssemblyOptions.InlineErrorMessages | DocumentAssemblyOptions.UpdateFieldsAndFormulas

                    // todo: load by convention

                        new LoadSaveOptions(groupDocsFileFormat),
                    output.Report = outputStream.ToArray();
                    return output;
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Thanks for the details. We are investigating this scenario. Your investigation ticket ID is ASSEMBLYNET-223. We’ll notify you in case of any update.


We need some more details. Could you please share an expected result document created manually in MS Excel as well?

See first tabs ‘‘pz 45’’
Burgeap_Excel(A12596_SS2) (37) - kopie.zip (1.3 MB)


Thanks for the details. We’ll now further investigate this ticket.


Thanks for the details. It seems, that your requirements can be met by changing the template. However, to ensure that, we need a code sample getting the template and JSON file provided and producing a result document. Unfortunately, the code your shared earlier does not compile as it has many missing dependencies. Could you please share a standalone console app without compilation errors that transforms the template and data into a result document?

Well, in the first post i have uploaded a zip file with the JSON and the template.
That’s all what’s needed and a default groupdocs call like the code we gave. There are no extension in this Template used.

Just take the same options, and insert the json with name: ‘TIProjectDetails’

If that doesn’t work, the concept idea we are trying to accomplish is clear right? Is it possible you create a small example that shows how it should be used inline, with cells on the side?

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Let us investigate it. We’ll notify you in case of any update.

It helped to build a document from the template you shared. We are attaching a modified template producing a required result at the first sheet - Template_Groupdocs_Modified.zip (55.6 KB). Let us know if it works for you.

aaah, I see your trick!! Will try this, thank you!!

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You’re welcome.