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Export annotations as word not working


List<GroupDocs.Annotation.Domain.AnnotationInfo> test = new List<GroupDocs.Annotation.Domain.AnnotationInfo>(_annotator.GetAnnotations(documentId).Annotations);
var resultStream = _annotator.ExportAnnotationsToDocument(inputDoc, test);


var resultStream = _annotator.ExportAnnotationsToDocument(documentId, inputDoc, DocumentType.Words, userId);

I get errors in the above cases. I can export pdf


error =>Method not found: 'System.Collections.IEnumerator Aspose.Words.NodeCollection.GetEnumerator()



You are using an old version of API.
However, you can export Word using latest version of the API. Please download or clone our most updated example project.
The issue that you are reporting is no longer in GroupDocs.Annotation for .NET version 19.6.


The problem was solved exactly in which version. My license does not contain your latest packages



Can you please share a simple console application using that we could reproduce this issue using version 18.7.1?
Because we also investigated this scenario using v18.7.1 in this project and here’s the outcome.png (74.2 KB)


the link worked fine on the project you submitted. I have to look at my own project