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Export to annotated PDF without permitting edition



I’m evaluating GroupDocs.Annotations and didn’t find information about what I’m asking here.

I want to know if it’s possible to, from the ‘Export to PDF’ menu, export a annotated file to PDF disabling the edition of this annotations. My objective is to create a PDF with some pages blacked out, allowing the user to create a square black annotation over the text which is classified and then export this final document without permitting edition of any part of text or annotation.

Thank you.


Hello Rafael,

Thank you for interest in the GroupDocs. You can use the printing option to print documents as PDF – then all content is flattened (re-fried) automatically. Currently there is no separate option to export flattened PDF. If you are interested in such one, please, let us know we will review it.


Hi, Ihor.

For flattened (re-fried) PDF you mean that the generated PDF would be rasterized? For the tests I’ve done so far, the generated PDF still is made of vectors, with very good quality and size (if I generate it from a vector PDF).

There’s no way to generate it with annotations included keeping vector PDF, but without permiting user to move the annotations?

I’m attaching a PDF generated with GroupDocs to exemplify. On this PDF I can move the annotations even on Adobe Reader.

Thank you.

Hello Rafael,

Yes, unfortunately currently there is no such functionality in the GroupDocs.Annotation library at the moment. Currently it processes only annotations and transforms them to native ones in case of PDF or Microsoft Word documents. Thank you for your question. We registered this functionality as new feature request. When it will be released you’ll get an email notification. Please, stay tuned.