Export word with comments


I am viewing the asp.net mvc annotation front end and I see you can export a word doc as a PDF with the typewriter comment I added, but is there an option to export the comments back to the original word document?


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Thank you for using GroupDocs.Annotation for .NET API.

Showcase are the example front-end to explain the API features and currently it working with PDF support only for exporting the document. However i am attaching image file where you can see how to change the front-end line of code to export document as Words (docx).

There are three major changes required to enable document export as words format instead of PDF file format. you need to modify code In " AnnotationService.cs" find the method Export

. change this line " using (Stream inputDoc = _annotator.GetPdfFile(fileId).Stream)"
with using (Stream inputDoc = _annotator.GetFile(fileId).Stream)

2. update following line
var resultStream = _annotator.ExportAnnotationsToDocument(documentId, inputDoc, DocumentType.Pdf, userId);
var resultStream = _annotator.ExportAnnotationsToDocument(documentId, inputDoc, DocumentType.Words, userId);

3. final step is to change file extension

DateTime.UtcNow.ToString(“yyyy-MM-dd HH-mm-ss”),
DateTime.UtcNow.ToString(“yyyy-MM-dd HH-mm-ss”),

for further details, please have look on image attached with this thread. Kindly also note that front-end examples are open source its mean you can change/modify it as per your requirement without inform us.

If you will face any problem in exporting document as words, please feel free to ask.

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Thanks so much for the code example. I performed those steps but found an issue of concern. When I added a comment and exported it, the comment did not appear in the same spot or in the same size as what the viewer represented. Please view the screenshot and exported word document in the zip file. Could you inform me how to make this annotation always on top and be placed exactly in the spot it and size as it appears in the groupdocs viewer?


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We are sorry to hear that you are facing such issues. We have reproduced this scenario at our end and i am creating ticket for this issue on our issue tracking system. Product team will further investigate on this issue. Once we have any update we will inform you here.

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Thank you for looking into this. I have not tested with slides,cells, or PDF, but I would hope that any fixes made to the words export would also apply to the other export formats as well. This is important for our application that it export exactly in all the formats possible.


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Currently issue is logged only for Words format as issue and also i have tested it PDF file and found that annotations export are working fine for PDF file format. Regarding other file formats (Cells and Slides) these files format annotations are currently not implemented in front-end example projects however it is supported in GroupDocs.Annotation for .NET API.

Thank you for your cooperation and patience .

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I’m not sure what you mean. In the Export method in AnnotationService, the DocumentType Enum has Cells,Images,Words,PDF, and Slides as options to export annotations. I would expect annotations to export to any type in that list.


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Thank you for your inquiry.

Yes, annotation export to other format (Slides and Cells) is not currently functional in front-end example. We are forwarding your request to example team to enable other file formats annotations export in the example project, However as it is open source project and you can also modify it as per your requirement.
Once we have any update regarding front-end project from example team.

Thank you for your patience.

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