Extract metadata from images and save them in database using .NET


I want to create a Windows Form Application (.NET Framework) that will:
1) Extract the metadata from images (jpeg etc) that are saved locally on the computer and save them to an SQL Database
2) Give a url as an input at a textbox and then retrieve all the images of the url save them locally and extract the metadata and save them to the same SQL Database
3) Create tick boxes at the Form that will enable specific items of metadata to be printed as a report

Please if you can help me I will really appriciate it,

Thank you

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Thank you for taking interest in GroupDocs.Metadata for .NET

GroupDocs.Metadata is a totally back-end, UI-independent API that is fully capable of handling metadata of a document. Using GroupDocs.Metadata API, you can build your Windows Form application with the functionality you mentioned in your post. The API has the functionality to extract metadata from images and the extracted metadata can then be saved in the database.
The API allows extracting IPTC metadata, reading IFD tags, reading image resource blocks, retrieving image size, reading byte order and some other features related to images etc. Please follow these links and see if the metadata you want to extract from the images is supported by the API or not.

For further details about the features of GroupDocs.Metadata, please go through the API’s documentation.

You can also download the sample gihub project containing some examples of the API that will help you in understanding the API’s working.

Looking forward to hear from you.