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Extract multi image to excel

Deat support,

is it possible to extract text from multi image to excel and 1 image file into 1 row in excel?. Is it possible to extract the text of a specific location in an image to excel?.



dear support,
for additional information using the vb.net programming language and I’m using VS 2010.



I am afraid but GroupDocs.Conversion can only convert the source file to a specified resultant file/document as a whole.

Extract multi image to excel.7z (468.2 KB)
dear sir,
I attach the output excel file. and input image files. In the excel file, you can see the column that I marked in yellow, can the result be like that?



This couldn’t be achieved using GroupDocs.Conversion API. However, you may need to take a look at Aspose.OCR API (from our sister company). You can scan the whole image or any part of the image and result could be saved in text, DOCX or PDF formats. In case of any issue, you could raise it here.