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Extracting annotation- annotation-subject and annotation-session information


We are trying to develop an application which uses the annotations module. Whenever a user leaves a series of comments during a single annotation session, what we would like to do is:

a) extract a copy of that user's comments, grouped by session id and user id. A session begins when annotator function commences and ends when user ends it or navigates away from the page;

b) get a copy of the text (Subject Text) to which the comments relate, linked by comment id.

c) extract location data for the Subject Text.

We want this information so that we can store it in our own database for the purposes of the application. The application will use it as follows:

- when our application displays a comment outside of GroupDocs, we will display the comment and the Subject Text alongside it. The comment/Subject Text will be logically grouped by session/user id

- when a user clicks on a comment (outside the GroupDocs app), we would like to fire an API event that causes GroupDocs to scroll to the relevant page and highlight the relevant Subject Text.

Unfortunately when we try and extract comment data, the session GUID field is null which means we can't group comments by session, and we are struggling to locate the other information we require. We would also like help with the API event to view the document comment.



Thank you for your interest in GroupDocs. We will answer your questions in the same order in which you asked them.

1. You can get all annotations from the document via this api method . In the response you will get object with list of all annotations with all info about the annotation (for example it’s position and type) and then you will be able to select only those annotations which made by the specified user. As for session id - please use session id parameter which shown on this screenshot .

2. Sorry but this feature doesn’t available at this time, but we will investigate it and if it will be possible we will add it to our roadmap. We will notify you when it will be ready.

3. Same as for subject text selecting.