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F&Q answers about your reverse image search engine

I have a question about your reverse image search engine for searching within zip archives or zip files how many results that are retrieve from the search engine that you search for a similar image from zip html or webarchive files compressed into zip file formats so that it can fit with search for a image file video or anything that you can find within the zip file formats please.


Please take a look at the supported file formats. Now, if you perform a search (let’s say Boolean search) over a ZIP archive that compresses a lot of supported file formats, you will get the results from all the compresses files.
For further investigation, could you please share the sample ZIP and specify your development environment (e.g. Java or .NET).

Ok so but I am just only finding out that how many results that you can get while you do a reverse image search through a zip file like in this case I want to do a reverse image search on content hidden or extracted from within a html past or present website or known as html so that I can download and extract images from within using the groupdocs reverse image search engine for myself please.


Please share a sample ZIP file and we’ll explain with more details.

Ok so my zip file that was going to test out for searching for similar images from the past website that I have already made using notion note taking app but also it is a bit like a website builder for my only purpose that I was going to say to you.

You’ll get results from all the files compressed in the ZIP. We still need a sample ZIP to understand your scenario.

Now how many results that I can get when I do a reverse image search on my first zip file are the results are tremendous amount of trillion of images from my very first zip file that I will begin testing in a little bit for my purpose please.


Please share the problematic/sample ZIP file.

Ok thanks I will start testing out your reverse image search engine.