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Facing problem in updating groupdocs signature from 19.11 to 20.8

Hello all,

I am updating my groupdocs signature from 19.11 to 20.8 but I am getting error in the below namespaces

using GroupDocs.Signature.Legacy.Domain;
using GroupDocs.Signature.Legacy.Options;
using GroupDocs.Signature.Legacy.Config;
using GroupDocs.Signature.Legacy.Handler;

and I found that the legacy api is removed but I am not able to find anything to replace this I read the release notes but failed to get,

any one of you have any Idea what should I use instead of legacy api?

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Please have a look at these release notes. We already removed support of GroupDocs.Signature.Legacy namespaces with the release of 20.1.

You may need to see these migration notes and this updated example project.

can you suggest what should we use to prevent the issue cause by removing those legacy api

your suggestions will be appreciated.


If you upgrade the API version in your application. Then you have to update your code as per the migration notes. Legacy namespaces/methods/classes are no longer supported. But the alternate or new way of code is already explained in documentation.

I understand but there are still lots of things which are unclear for example I have a following set of code which is unclear how should I use now

`SignatureConfig config = new SignatureConfig();

SignatureHandler = new SignatureHandler(config);`

how should I use above code after the update


There is no signature configuration now. Have a look at the following code:

using (Signature signature = new Signature("sample.pdf"))
    TextSignOptions options = new TextSignOptions("John Smith")
        // locate signature
        Left = 100, Top = 100, Width = 100, Height = 30,
        // set Text color and Font
        ForeColor = Color.Red,
        Font = new SignatureFont { Size = 12, FamilyName = "Comic Sans MS" }
    // sign document to file
    signature.Sign("signed.pdf", options);

Simply pass the file to Signature class and apply signatures.