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Failed to show document with error: The page 0 can't be loaded

I successfully published the asp.net_mvc_front_end web app to local IIS.

Now I am testing the deployment to a remote host.
I had compatibility issue in IE 11, after I turned it off. I got the web page running. I also get the document list. But after I selected the file candy.pdf, it runs for a while and then got into the problem. I got a pop up window.
It says “Error: The page 0 can’t be loaded”

I have no idea why we got this! Is this a license issue?
I put my temp license in my local machine with my VS 2015. Do I need to put license file on the remote machine?
Or is this some other issue? Is there any log file I can check? Or I have to jump into debugger to check this?

Hi Yuan,

Thanks for using GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET.

Yes, the license file must be on the same machine where you are deploying the application. If you are deploying the application on some remote machine then you will have to put the license file on that machine and then change the path of the licence file in the code accordingly. If you still get any issue, you can also debug the application and share the outcomes with us. We shall be looking forward to your response.

Have a nice weekend ahead.
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