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FatalExecutionEngineError when using GroupDocs Conversion together with Viewer in .NET

Since GroupDocs.Viewer update 21.8 it seems no longer possible to use GroupDocs.Conversion in the same project.

If you open the attached solution and try to convert the attached file, you will see the “FatalExecutionEngineError” error.
Please make sure to restore the NuGet packages and adjust all file paths if needed.
Although I attached some file, the issue is not limited to a single file and seems to be a general problem.

Downgrading GroupDocs.Viewer to 21.7 fixes the issue.
Downgrading GroupDocs.Conversion to 21.5 does not fix the issue.
I don’t know what’s the problem, but it seems like GroupDocs.Viewer is somehow causing it.

Can you please take a look?
GroupDocsProblem.zip (11.8 KB)

Hi @Clemens_Pestuka

I got your application and investigating your problem.
I will notify you in case of any information.

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Hi @Clemens_Pestuka

I reproduced your issue and I have a workaround for this:

  1. Open GroupDocsProblem.csproj
  2. On line 64:
    Change to:
  3. Save GroupDocsProblem.csproj
  4. Close project and reopen

I created VIEWERNET-3490 in our tracking system to investigate how to avoid this situation.

Please reply about the result of solution.

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Hi @mikhail.evgrafov.aspose

I can confirm that this is the source of the problem and that correcting the hintpath fixes the issue :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot for the quick fix!

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You’re welcome!

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