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File type 'docx' is not supported

class com.groupdocs.viewer.exception.FileTypeNotSupportedException: File type ‘docx’ is not supported.

com.groupdocs.viewer.converter.d.p.o(Unknown Source)

com.groupdocs.viewer.converter.d.p.b(Unknown Source)

com.groupdocs.viewer.converter.d.f.g(Unknown Source)

com.groupdocs.viewer.converter.a.o.bKa(Unknown Source)

com.groupdocs.viewer.converter.a.g.bKo(Unknown Source)

com.groupdocs.viewer.helper.c.c(Unknown Source)

com.groupdocs.viewer.helper.c.b(Unknown Source)

com.groupdocs.viewer.handler.ViewerHandler.d(Unknown Source)

com.groupdocs.viewer.handler.ViewerHandler.a(Unknown Source)

com.groupdocs.viewer.handler.ViewerHandler.getDocumentInfo(Unknown Source)

Hi Josef,

Thanks for taking interest in GroupDocs.Viewer for Java 3.x and showing your concerns.
Are you facing this issue while rendering document to Image or Html? Can you please share sample source code and problematic file?

We’ll appreciate your cooperation.
Kind regards

Hi Atir,

we only render images - the exceptions occurs occasional on random files, but can’t be reproduced with a specific file.

DocumentInfoContainer docInfo = imageHandler.getDocumentInfo(parameters.getPath(), new DocumentInfoOptions());

Do you know something about a new release including all bugfixes/improvemt from the .net version?

King regards, josef

Hi Josef,

Thanks for the clarification.
We tried to reproduce same issue using some docx files but the issue is not reproduced at our end. So, can you please share one sample (problematic) file with us.
Do you know something about a new release including all bugfixes/improvemt from the .net version?
We firstly need to investigate same issue at our end.

We’ll appreciate your cooperation.
Kind regards


here’s a sample file.

Kind regards, Josef

Hi Josef,

Thanks for sharing the sample document.
We’re not able to reproduce this issue at our end. Please find the attached output images (We didn’t attach all the output images as they are large in number).
Are you using/evaluating our example or any showcase project ?



as i wrote before, it occurs occasionally on random files - not all the time.

as we use jsf and started implementing, before a sample project was available, we have only custom code.

Kind regards, josef

Hi Josef,

In order to reproduce your issue at our end, we need to evaluate your sample project with problematic file. Can you please share your sample project with us?
Moreover, you may go through our latest or other showcase projects and do let us know, if you face same issue in them.

Kind regards