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Filter documents to be searched using .NET

Hi,i wish to pass Specific Folder or few documents inside the Main folder need to be indexed and Search should perform.any Idea?

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Instead of Sending whole Folder path,i need to specify some files,that should be indexed and search should happen

string documentsFolder = Utils.DocumentsPath; // Specify the path to a folder containing documents to search

        Index index = new Index(indexFolder);
        index.Events.ErrorOccurred += (sender, args) =>

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Please go through document filtering during indexing article. You can filter documents for indexing purpose. Let us know if it doesn’t help.

I gone through the filter,but my requirement is,
For Example,i stored all files in one folder(common for storing all files),from that ,i used to share files to others,if user or DataRoom has access to that particular file means,i need to search that particular file only

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i have an another doubt in indexing.
For Example- initially i have 5 files inside the storage folder.When i do searching,it will create an index for those 5 files.After that i’m adding another file into that storage folder,so in this case how index will update? will update or create as a new index?

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If you have let’s say 50 files in a folder and you search for a file “ABC.docx” and it is available in the storage. API will surely return it. Have a look at this article and you can see what could be done using search results.

You can update existing index. Calling the Update method starts re-indexing of changed, new and deleted documents. Please go through this update index article to learn more.

Thank you for you information

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You’re welcome.