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Font display issues in Groupdocs



Groupdocs is not showing one font in viewer. Pdf displays correctly but when we open in group docs it is not showing correctly. Please check here
I’m attaching attachment for your reference.Thanks



We are sorry to hear that you have such issue. I have checked your pdf example and the font rendered well, since that could you please specify which version of the GroupDocs.Viewer you use.

I’m glad to notify you that we have released a next generation Viewer library and if possible you should migrate on it. Also please note that the new Viewer is UI less and you will need to create your own UI or migrate the UI from legacy Viewer - how to do that you can find in our example.

Best regards.


The issues you have found earlier (filed as WEB-2448) have been fixed in this update.

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Hi ,

Yes your screenshot shows correctly.We are using Groupdocs version 2.17 . In which version you tested?



We upgraded to latest group docs but we still have issues for few resumes. See below examples where few characters are not displaying on browser.

file :

html file :



Thank you for coming back. You use very old version of the Viewer - I’m strongly recommend you to migrate to the Viewer 3.0 because the legacy Viewer will not be released any more. Also please check our updated support policies .

If upgrade to the Viewer 3.0 is impossible to various reasons - at least update the Viewer up to 2.19 version.

Best regards.


Hi there,

We apologize for inconvenience.

Can you please provide us the version number of GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET? We shall be waiting for your response.

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Hi there,

Thanks for providing the required details.

We rendered your provided PDF document into HTML using GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET 3.6.0 and found that there is no issue in output HTML files. I have also attached the output HTML files for you. Can you please share the code snippet you used to render the document?

We shall be waiting for your response.

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I’ve upgraded to 2.19 but still I’m facing the same issue Below is the url to download the file.

I’m using Groupdocs.Viewer url method to display doc in viewer


We are using


I'm using below code to generate html file. Please le t me know what needs to be changed
public void convert2Html(string inputFile, string DocumentName,string outputfilepath)
ViewerConfig config = GetConfigurations();
ViewerHtmlHandler htmlHandler = new ViewerHtmlHandler(config);
HtmlOptions options = new HtmlOptions();
options.IsResourcesEmbedded = true;
List pages = htmlHandler.GetPages(inputFile, options);
foreach (PageHtml page in pages)
File.AppendAllText(@outputfilepath, page.HtmlContent);
public static ViewerConfig GetConfigurations()
ViewerConfig config = new ViewerConfig();
config.StoragePath = @"C:\inetpub\wwwroot\talentrover2\documents\";
config.UseCache = true;
return config;

The above code is generating the below html file.


Hi again,

Thank you for the URL. I was able to reproduce the issue and created a ticket for our Product team. Also I should notify you that since we have released a next generation Viewer library we can fix only 3 critical bugs for you in the legacy Viewer (2.19 version) and only until the end of the quarter beginning from the release date of the library (it will end at 24-03-2016).

Best regards.


Hi again,

I have checked your provided code and there is nothing wrong with it. I have attached a sample console application which renders the PDF document into HTML using your provided code. Please check if you are still able to reproduce the issue using this sample application. Before running the application don’t forget to perform following actions.

  • Right click on Solution and select Enable NuGet Package Restore
  • Right click on Solution and select Manage NuGet Packages for Solution
  • Click Restore button to install missing assemblies

Download link:

We are looking forward for your feedback.

Warm Regards


Okay. Please fix it.Thanks