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Font problem


I was testing Your Groupdocs Viewer for .NET library on some Office documents and it works great, but I found that 1 PowerPoint presentation had problems to display font properly. I attach sample to this thread, if You could take a lok on this and maybe work it out in next patch.

Hi Rufhs1,

Thanks for taking interest in GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET.

We have successfully reproduced your mentioned issue at our end. The issue has been logged in our internal Issue Tracking System with ID:VIEWERNET-1093. We shall further investigate this issue and in case of any further updates, we’ll notify you here.

Warm Regards

Hi again,

Can you please provide us the font you are using in the PowerPoint presentation? We shall be looking forward to your response.

Warm Regards

PFDinDisplayPro Regular - that’s the name of this font in my PowerPoint

Hi Rufhs1,

Thanks for providing the details. We shall get back to you in case of any updates.

Warm Regards


This bug seems to be specific to “PFDinDisplayPro Regular” font. We have tested many other fonts and unable to reproduce this issue. We have also found that when the font is installed, there are 2 fonts that appear in MS PowerPoint application (see screenshot). If we select the upper one (PF DinDisplay Pro), save the document and retry rendering, the font is rendered correctly.