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Further questions for evaluation


To whom it may concern

Sadly your product has a problem with the Swiss localisation and there is an open support ticket (COMPARISONJAVA-586).

Could you please create the following comparison documents for the evaluation?
Source: version1.pdf, Target: version2.pdf and version3.pdf
Source: version2.pdf, Target: version1.pdf and version3.pdf
Source: version3.pdf, Target: version1.pdf and version2.pdf
version3.pdf (156.3 KB)
version1.pdf (161.4 KB)
version2.pdf (156.0 KB)

Could you please also answer the following questions:
How does the deployment look like?
If there isn’t any image comparison option, are there any plans to add an image comparison option for PDF documents?

Thank you for taking your time

Kind regards
Joshua Hemmings



We tried to compare the attached documents (version1 with version2) and output is not accurate. Hence, we are further investigating this. Your investigation ticket ID is COMPARISONJAVA-587. We’ll notify you as we have any update.

We’ll notify you about this as well.