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Generated html not printing correctly in chrome



The attached document is a generated html that shows correctly in all browsers.
However it does not display or print correctly when using print preview or print in chrome respectively.

Can you help?


Hi Nicolasi,

Thanks for posting your issue here.

Can you please provide us the following information?

  • Source file.
  • Version of the API you are using.

This will be helpful to investigate the issue properly. We shall be waiting for your response.

Warm Regards


I am using the latest group docs viewer 3.6.0.

Please find attached the source file


Hi Nicolasi,

Thanks for providing the required details.

We have successfully reproduced your reported problem at our end. The issue has been logged in our Issue Tracking System. We shall further investigate this issue and in case of any updates, we will notify you here. Please stay tuned.

Have a nice day.

Warm Regards


Any update on this? This is very urgent as more and more documents are behaving this way on the client.

When viewing them they are displayed ok, but when printed they are not.


Hi Nicolasi,

We apologize for inconvenience.

Your reported issue is under investigation. Please note that some issues may take more than normal time to get resolved depending upon their complexity level. Therefore, for the time being we are unable to provide any ETA for the fix. However, in case of any information, we will notify you without any delay.

We appreciate your cooperation in this regards.

Warm Regards