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German Umlauts not Rendered Correctly


We currently use version of the GroupDocs Viewer for .NET to show a preview of documents. Unfortunately we experience problems in some text files coded in UTF-8: The German umlauts are not rendered correctly (see attached screenshot). I have added the corresponding text file so you can hopefully reproduce this behavior. Is there a way to set the file encoding for the viewer component? Currently we just set the path to the file to display, i.e. ViewerUserControl.ContentDisplay.OpenDocument(path).

This issues seems similar to VIEWERJAVA-739.

Best regards,
Mark Deckert


We are sorry to hear that you have such issue. First of all I want to notify you that we have released a next generation Viewer library. This version has nothing with the 2.x versions and UI less, since that the 2.x versions doesn’t supported any more. Please migrate to the 3.x version, for how to migrate please check our documentation.

Best regards.