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Get document comparison API temporary license for .NET platform


I can’t able to find the temporary license as the link for this redirects to page not found. Can you please fix the link or provide alternative way to get the temporary license.

It will be much appreciated if you reply soon.


Muhammad Murtaza


Thanks for raising the issue. We shall fix it and notify you ASAP.

@atirtahir3 ,
Thank you for replying. Is it possible the issue get resolve today as I really need the API to move my project forward


Please follow this link in order to avail a temporary license.


Thank you so much I received the license file just recently.

Hello, I also would like to get a temporary license right now.


You are welcome.

@klemin, you can get temporary license here.


Justt one more question. Would you mind to guide me how to add the .lic file as I’m unable to do it as I done the trail version .dll file


You can apply the license using following code in your application:

// Instantiate GroupDocs.Comparison license
GroupDocs.Comparison.Common.License.License license = new GroupDocs.Comparison.Common.License.License();

// Apply GroupDocs.Comparison license using license path

For further details, please visit this article.


Thanks for your help it is working now :smiley:


You are welcome :slight_smile:

Hi, i am also trying to get temporary license. could you please help how to get it ?
all ‘Temporary License’ urls are showing page not found.


This query is assisted here.