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Get document comparison style changes in Java

I followed and got GroupDocs.Comparison.lic, but when I built the Java project, the output was: “License is validated” and nothing followed at all. What do I need to do to get the results of comparing 2 files. Look forward to the tutorial from you or maybe the demo video is better. Thanks.

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In order to investigate your scenario, we need following information:

  • API version that you integrated in the project
  • Sample document comparison code
  • Source and target files

Thanks for the quick suport. I ran the project and received the output file. I would like to ask more about different comparison cases between files. As in the example, I just saw the system support exporting the output file. Does the system also support other types of file comparisons?

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Can you please elaborate this?
If I am not wrong, do you mean comparing different file formats. Such as PDF, Word or HTML?
If yes, please note that API supports a lot of file formats comparison. You can see details here.
And in our developer guide, you can actually see how comparison process follows.

I have read through and know the system supports comparing multiple formats. I mean, the system also supports comparing files in which the user can see the direct change between the source file and the target file on another view window or similar to comparing the code on git. Thank you.


GroupDocs.Comparison for Java only facilitates following features:

  • Generate comparison summary
  • Show deleted and inserted content
  • Style changes detection

For more details, please review this article.

Furthermore, note that GroupDocs.Comparison for Java is a back-end, UI agnostic API that could be integrated in any Java application without any dependency.
That means you can get document comparison changes (style change detection, inserted/deleted content etc.) using ComparisonSettings and handle that at UI level.
However, for your ease, we’ve also developed some showcase projects. You must explore our GroupDocs.Comparison-for-Java-Spring application.
This open-source project comes with a lot of features including, display clearly visible differences.

Some results/screenshots generated using showcase project :
Deleted/Inserted Items - inserted-deleted content.JPG (45.3 KB)
Comparison summary - comparison summary.JPG (39.9 KB)

We’d recommend you to explore this showcase project and share your feedback.

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Thanks @atirtahir3, I will try it and will ask you later if there is a problem.


You are welcome.