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GetPrintableHtmlHandler error (404)



We are referencing Groupdocs.Web.Annotation.dll but are also using Groupdocs.Viewer in some cases (its included). In those cases where the users are using Groupdocs.Viewer and printing is enabled, when the user presses print the printing dialog does not come up but the javascript error:

POST http://localhost:50153/document-viewer/GetPrintableHtmlHandler 404 (Not Found)

This is probably something to do with the web.config. The print option for Annotations works fine however. What do I have to add to my web.config to get this to work?

Best regards
Robert Badi


Hello Robert,

We are sorry to hear that you have such issue. From the error message we can assume that you have missed this handler:

Please add it in to the web.config.

Thank you.


Thank you. This worked, but actually with Groupdocs.Web.Annotation rather than Groupdocs.Viewer in the second parameter in the type attribute for the line you gave.

Best regards
Robert Badi


Hello Robert,

Thank you for the notification.

Best regards.