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Getting addeventlistener exception in IE11 when loading annotation


Annotation is not loading properly when we are running it on IE 11.

We found that there is a JS exception being thrown on page load.

We are still running in 1.8. Was this fixed in latest version?

Please see attached screenshot.


Hi Leo,

We are sorry to hear that you have such issue. Could you please provide more info about how to reproduce the issue because I have tried to run Annotation in the IE11 (Viewer and Comparison are included in the same project) and all works well for me .

Please share the source code and description for current project.

Thank you.


Are you using the same IE11 build and version.

We tested it and it works in the latest version.

Unfortunately, customer is using an “older” version.


Hi Leo,

Thank you for this details. In such case try to add meta tag with such options
to the head section of the Annotation web page. It should enable latest rendering engine of the IE in older version.

Best regards.