Getting ERROR:Allowed max size: 8000000 bytes

I am trying to do a small POC for document compare taking reference from here: “GroupDocs.Comparison | Compare Docs via Java High Code API

But after setting everything up when i try to run the main class i get this error:
'java: error reading /Users/.m2/repository/com/groupdocs/groupdocs-comparison/23.10/groupdocs-comparison-23.10.jar; Unsupported size: 25415501 for JarEntry META-INF/MANIFEST.MF. Allowed max size: 8000000 bytes*** ’

The online solution talks about adding “Djdk.jar.maxSignatureFileSize=9000000” as an arg but even that didnt help.

I tried going back a few releases to see if anything works but of no help.

Any help here?

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Could you kindly provide the sample application that demonstrates the issue for our investigation? Additionally, we recommend downloading or cloning the sample application from the following link: GroupDocs.Conversion-for-Java Examples. This application implements all API functions. Please inform us if you encounter any further issues.