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Group doc viewer Integration with Java,Mavan,Spring MVC,Hibernate

Hi …

This is ravi, how can i integrate Group docs to my Java Maven project.
Can any one explain these steps


GroupDocs.Viewer for Java is available as a JAR package and you can integrate it in your application using the following possible ways:

For more details on GroupDocs.Viewer for Java, please have a look at the documentation of the API.

How to include this GroupDoc viewer in my project after purchase. whether it is a separate project…? or can i directly include it in my java project…? can you provide some technical support for Development side. i am not clear about how groupdoc will display documents in my web application.
I included mavan dependencies and groupDoc 19.1 jar now what’s next


GroupDocs.Viewer for Java is a back-end API that allows you to render the document pages in the form that can easily be displayed in your front-end application. The API provides the following ways to render the document:

  • HTML based rendering: In HTML based rendering, the API generates the HTML representation of each page of the source document. You can easily manipulate the HTML content of each page and save it as an HTML file.
  • Image based rendering: In image-based rendering, the API converts each page of the document into an image (PNG, JPEG or BMP). You can easily save the image to your desired location and display it in your application to view the content of the document.

Since there is no built-in UI control/component packaged with GroupDocs.Viewer for Java, you will have to create your own front-end component that will be used to display the HTML pages or images rendered by the API. Alternatively, you can use our open source document viewer applications that are listed below. These applications may also be helpful for you to learn how to use the API in a web application.

You can also evaluate the features of the API using our console-based examples project.

can you give me your number to talk to you directly for this integration support


I am afraid that we don’t provide support over the call (see our free support policies). In case of any ambiguity or issue, please feel free to post here on the forum and we shall try our best to help you out.