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Group Docs Annotation + Fields CSS Issue


Hi, I am using group docs annotation with valid license. I am using Text field and water mark to add he fields in a document. But I want the look and feel of both to be changed when it is rendered in a document. Please find attachment. Can you please support how to change it ?

Annotation.PNG (15.4 KB)



Can you please elaborate what kind of change you are looking for?


Hi, I want to change the font size and change the color when it gets rendered. but looks like it has been fixed.



Do you want to set/change font color and size of the annotation (text-field) that you added using Spring application?


Yes Exactly. How can i do it ?



We’ve logged this enhancement at GitHub. Please follow this link for further updates and correspondence.
We’ll also notify you here as we have any updates.


Thanks for the update !



You are welcome.



Your requested feature is now added - change font color size.JPG (42.9 KB). Please clone/download latest release of the showcase project.